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AAPCHO is dedicated to ensuring community health-serving organizations, including Asian American (AA), Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (NH/PI)-serving community health centers have the culturally competent and linguistically appropriate resources to address COVID-19.

The goals of AAPCHO’s COVID-19 response are to:

  • Prioritize Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities disproportionately impacted by COVID-19
  • Support policy advocacy for equitable coverage and access to care
  • Identify and uplift promising practices in workforce transformation that increase trust and transparency among providers and communities of color
  • Engage in partnerships to build and sustain community-led coalitions to share culturally and linguistically appropriate resources.
  • Emphasize community health centers as trusted frontline providers



COVID-19 and Other Infectious Diseases Health Equity Response Network

John Nguyen-Yap, Associate Director, Health Equity
Jen Lee, Deputy Director
Evelyn Moua, Associate Director, Chronic & Infectious Disease Initiatives
Cara Skillingstead, Program Manager, Training and Technical Assistance

COVID-19 Community Health Worker (CHW) National Workforce Access Program

Nashia Choudhury, Associate Director of Workforce Development
Vanessa Wan, Program Coordinator

AA and NH/PI We Can Do This COVID-19 Public Education Campaign

Beverly Quintana, Director of Strategy and Impact
Kristine Cecile Alarcon, Communications and Storytelling Manager
Paulo DelaCruz, Development and Special Projects Assistant


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