Current Projects and Initiatives

AAPCHO’s efforts fall within three focus areas: health equity & access, training & capacity building, and health care quality & innovation. Our Current Projects and Initiatives listed below relate to one or more of our focus areas.

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AAPCHO and the Pacific Islander Center of Primary Care Excellence (PI-CoPCE) developed the COVID-19 & Other Infectious Diseases Health Equity Response Network (CHERN) to proactively engage, inform, and train the healthcare workforce to prevent and control the spread of  … Continue reading 

AAPCHO’s Enabling Services Accountability Project increased Electronic Medical Record data collection on enabling services (ES) and studied the impact of these services on health care access and outcomes. Overall, the project illustrated the role ES play in increasing access and quality … Continue reading 

Hep B United, a national coalition co-chaired by AAPCHO and the Hepatitis B Foundation, addresses the public health challenge of hepatitis B. The goal of Hep B United is to support local community coalition efforts across the United States to … Continue reading 

Last Updated: February 24, 2020 *While this page often uses the term “immigrant,” AAPCHO recognizes the distinct differences between the experiences of asylum seekers, immigrants, migrants and refugees and tailors our efforts and resources accordingly. At AAPCHO, we believe health … Continue reading 

The overarching vision of our study is to obtain a preliminary understanding of how the use of a national approach to screen for SDH to address underserved patients’ social risk factors using PRAPARE survey can improve the value of healthcare … Continue reading 

The program aims to provide resources, training, and technical assistance to existing and new health centers to best meet the cultural and linguistic needs of AA&NHPIs. For 30 years, AAPCHO has demonstrated its ability to provide breadth and depth of … Continue reading 

The Pacific Islander Primary Center of Excellence (PI-CoPCE) is an initiative of AAPCHO and was established to improve the health of Pacific Islanders in the United States and U.S. Pacific through primary care support, research, workforce development, and community initiatives. … Continue reading 

The Pacific Islander Diabetes Prevention Program (PI-DPP) is a national program that will build the infrastructure of local organizations to deliver PI-tailored, and CDC-recognized lifestyle change programs (CLCP) to Pacific Islanders, Medicare beneficiaries, and the general population over the course … Continue reading 

AAPCHO collaborated with the National Association of Community Health Centers and Oregon Primary Care Association to develop PRAPARE, a nationally recognized and tested standardized patient risk assessment protocol that goes beyond medical acuity to account for patients’ social determinants of … Continue reading 

The initial goal of this project is to convene community health centers (CHs) to identify needs, recommendations, and practical solutions to improving the health care and health status of older Californians and caregivers including AA, NH/PI, and other vulnerable populations served at CHCs. … Continue reading 

The Tuberculosis  (TB) Elimination Alliance (TEA), formerly known as the Tuberculosis (TB) Community Engagement Network (CEN), works closely with state and local TB control programs, focusing on outreach to AA and NH/PI communities with the highest TB burden … Continue reading 

A national effort to collect and analyze AAPCHO member data needed to better understand and advocate for disaggregated Asian American (AA), Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (NHPI) health … Continue reading