Pacific Islander Diabetes Prevention Program

Training & Technical Assistance

The Pacific Islander Diabetes Prevention Program (PI-DPP) is a national program that will build the infrastructure of local organizations to deliver PI-tailored, and CDC-recognized lifestyle change programs (LCP) to Pacific Islanders, Medicare beneficiaries, and the general population over the course of 5 years from 2017-2022.

Allan Gamboa, Program Director
Sean Rodriguez, Data Evaluator
Kristina Canale, Program Assistant

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

To build infrastructure to support implementation of CDC-recognized Diabetes Prevention Programs (DPPs) through:

  1. Increasing availability of DPPs
  2. Increasing screening, detection, and referral for prediabetes among clinicians
  3. Increasing awareness of prediabetes and enrollment in LCPs
  4. Retentaining participants of LCPs
  5. Increasing benefit coverage for DPP