Health centers deliver high quality care to diverse special and vulnerable populations in underserved communities. Specifically, health centers provide Enabling Services (ES), defined as non-clinical services that address Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) to improve population health. The ES workforce is essential for health centers to screen patients’ social risk factors, and it starts with demonstrating the value of ES.

The Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations, Health Outreach Partners, MHP Salud, and National Health Care for the Homeless Council partnered on this webinar to explore strategies to screen special and vulnerable populations for SDOH and build effective practices to begin addressing SDOH through Enabling Services. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, this training highlighted the critical importance for ES providers to collect social risk data among health center patients.

Learning Objectives:

  1.  To identify Enabling Services workforce providers for SDOH screening and documentation during COVID-19.
  2. To demonstrate the overall value and impact of Enabling Services, and how Enabling Services can highlight key structural inequities.
  3. To provide an overview of relevant tools used for assessing the needs of special and vulnerable populations (e.g., patients experiencing homelessness).


  • Albert Ayson, Jr., MPHAssociate Director, Training and Technical Assistance, Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations (AAPCHO)
  • Beleny Reese, MPH, Project Manager, Health Outreach Partners (HOP) 
  • Brett Poe, Research Associate, National Health Care for the Homeless Council (NHCHC)
  • Esly Reyes, MPH, Program Director, MHP Salud

Intended Audiences:

Health center staff from clinical & non-clinical perspectives and from all levels of leadership; Primary Care Associations; and Health Center Controlled Networks. Other key stakeholders include government institutions and payers who work with health centers on policy and payment.

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