Materials from the AA&NHPI Health Center Summit in Atlanta, GA on May 24, 2016.

General Summit Materials

•   Schedule At-A-Glance
•   Full Schedule
•   Speaker Bios
•   About AAPCHO Info Sheet
•   An Analysis of AAPCHO Community Health Centers (UDS Data Sheet)

Limited English Proficient Access for AA&NHPIs

•   Using CLAS as a Framework for FQHCs – Jen Lee, AAPCHO
•   CPACS Language Access and Other Services – Victoria Huynh, CPACS
•   LEP Access for AA&NHPIs – Alvaro Huerta, NILC

Emerging Issues in AA&NHPI Health

•   Overexposed & Underinformed: Addressing Nail Salon Worker Health, Safety and Rights – Julia Liou, AHS
•   AHS: A Health Center Responsive to Human Trafficking in the Community – Kimberly Chang, MD, AHS
•   DACA+ & DAPA: How Health Centers Play a Role – Kimlee Sureemee, ASIA

Using Data to Identify Social Determinants of Health

•   PRAPARE SDH Data Collection – Rosy Chang Weir, PhD, AAPCHO
•   WCCHC SDH Data Collection Part 1 and Part 2 – Vija Sehgal, WCCHC
•   Using Data to Identify SDH: Next Steps Combined

Addressing Hepatitis B in AA&NHPI Communities

•   Addressing Hepatitis B in AA&NHPIs Communities – Isha Weerasinghe, AAPCHO
•   Our “Exposure” to Hepatitis B: Lessons Learned – Andrea Caracostis, HOPE Clinic
•   The HIT-B Project: Reducing Hepatitis B Disparities Through HIT – Michael Mckee, Mariko Toyoji
•   Know Hepatitis B Campaign & New Educational Resources – Cynthia Jorgensen, Sherry Chen
•   Hep B United: A National Coalition to Address and Eliminate Hepatitis B – Kate Moraras

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