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Asian American (AA) populations face unique challenges with respect to Type 2 Diabetes. When compared to other racial/ethnic groups, diabetes may not appear to be an alarming concern for AA populations. However, when the AA data is disaggregated, specific subgroups have significantly higher rates of diabetes compared to white people and other racial/ethnic groups. Research shows that diabetes screening is a challenge for AA populations that impact this hidden disparity.
AAPCHO invites you to join the “Strategies to Increase Diabetes Screening Among AA Populations”  learning collaborative (LC) for an in-depth discussion about diabetes and screening for AA populations. 
During this LC, clinicians, health center staff, and AAPCHO moderators will provide context, best practices, and data from a national perspective. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with other health centers from across the United States to share strategies, challenges, and successes regarding AA populations and diabetes screening. Health center staff with existing efforts in diabetes screening and prevention are encouraged to apply.
The LC consists of four 90-minute sessions, held on Mondays in March, with the following topics: 
  • Session 1: Overview of Diabetes Prevalence Among AA Populations
    • Monday, March 8, 10-11:30am HT | 12-1:30pm PT | 3-4:40pm ET
  • Session 2: Diabetes Screening Guidelines for AA Populations
    • Monday, March 15,  9-10:30am HT | 12-1:30pm PT | 3-4:40pm ET
  • Session 3: Implementing Diabetes Screening Protocols for AA Populations at Health Centers
    • Monday, March 22, 9-10:30am HT | 12-1:30pm PT | 3-4:40pm ET
  • Session 4: Direct and Indirect Implications of Screening Protocols
    • Monday, March 29, 9-10:30am HT | 12-1:30pm PT | 3-4:40pm ET
***Please review session time in your appropriate time zone–daylight savings begins after session 1 and may impact your session times.***
After this learning collaborative, participants will be able to:
  1. Increase knowledge regarding the health challenges and disparities for AA populations with respect to diabetes and prediabetes.
  2. Learn the diabetes screening guidelines as it pertains to AA populations.
  3. Identify appropriate screening protocols for AA patients at their health centers.
  4. Understand the direct and indirect implications of implementing screening protocols for AA populations.
Intended Participants: Health centers, Primary Care Associations (PCAs), Health Center Controlled Networks (HCCN), and community organizations interested and/or invested in diabetes prevention and management for AAs.
Fee: No cost/free
Commitment: Accepted LC applicants are asked to attend a total of four learning sessions in March 2021.


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