This webinar session, which is a part of AAPCHO’s “Quality Improvement Strategies for Latent Tuberculosis (TB) Infection (LTBI) Screening, Testing, and Treatment in Asian, Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander-Serving Health Centers: National Clinical Quality Measure Development” Learning Collaborative, will highlight provider and patient resources for clinical monitoring of patients during LTBI treatment.

Learning Objectives:

After this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of tuberculosis prevention and its contribution to overall goals of TB elimination;
  • Describe easy-to-use tools and other resources to engage and encourage patients during LTBI treatment to improve care cascade outcomes;
  • Identify how to measure the steps in the LTBI care cascade to advocate and reduce preventable losses in the cascade to improve program performance; and 
  • Identify strategies to overcome barriers to each step in the LTBI care cascade to successfully implement and improve patient diagnosis and treatment.


  • Chibo Shinagawa, MS, Program Manager, Infectious Diseases, AAPCHO
  • Mukta Deia, Program Coordinator, Infectious Diseases (AAPCHO)


  • Shereen Katrak, MD, MPH, Medical Officer, Director, TB Free California, Tuberculosis Control Branch, California Department of Public Health
  • Kristen Wendorf, MD, MS, Public Health Medical Officer, Tuberculosis Control Branch, California Department of Public Health

Intended Audience:

Health centers, Primary Care Associations (PCAs), Health Center Controlled Networks (HCCN), and community organizations interested and/or invested in LBTI/TB prevention and management. Additional users may include, but are not limited to: health care providers, primary care clinic directors, health system leaders, electronic medical record analysts, and/or public health department leaders providing guidance for primary care settings.



This webinar is sponsored by the Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations is co-sponsored by The Curry International Tuberculosis Center.


This webinar is supported by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the Health Resources & Services Administration.

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