Community Health Center Champions

To commemorate National Health Center Week, AAPCHO highlights Community Health Center (CHC) Champions—individuals who are, through big and small ways, advancing the CHC mission.

We spotlight health center staff, patients, and community members, who through their noteworthy efforts, contribute to our member health centers’ goal to provide comprehensive, affordable, culturally and linguistically appropriate health care.

Meet this year’s CHC Champions!

2020 Champions

Photo courtesy of Asian Services in Action 

Elaine Tso, J.D. serves as the CEO at Asian Services in Action (ASIA). In this role, she is responsible for leading the largest health and social services agency in the State of Ohio focused on empowering Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs), immigrants, and refugees. ASIA’s mission is to empower and advocate for AAPIs so they have access to quality, culturally, and linguistically appropriate information, health, and social services. Elaine supervises a leadership team responsible for direct health and social services, policy advocacy, capacity building, civic engagement, and special projects. Elaine also has the responsibility for ensuring compliance of the requirements for ASIA’s International Community Health Center (ICHC), a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). Elaine and ASIA were recognized for their efforts in contact tracing.

Alysa Lavoie, M.S.W. joined the West Hawaii Community Health Center (WHCHC) team in 2014. As the Behavioral Health (BH) Programs Manager and Case Management Lead, she addresses social determinants of health on a clinical and community-level.  During the COVID-19 stay-at-home order, Hawai`i County implemented a progressive, collaborative effort to open “HOPE Hotel,” providing shelter and food to over 60 houseless community members. Alysa and her case management team were imperative in arranging health services and facilitating COVID testing for the hotel residents. Through the collaborative efforts of WHCHC and several community resources, especially the local homeless provider, HOPE Services, every HOPE Hotel guest was transitioned to housing in two months.

Mayleen Stephen Raymond received her Associate of Arts Degree in Health Career Opportunity Program/Liberal Arts at the College of Micronesia National Campus in May 2011. In February 2012, she was hired as a Classroom Teacher teaching English and Science at the Chuuk State Department of Education. Mayleen joined Chuuk Community Health Center in June 2017 as the Medical Records Receptionist, where she was assigned to be the person-in-charge for data input. When Chuuk Community Health Center was given the opportunity to launch the Diabetes Prevention Program in February 2020, Mayleen was fortunate to lead the program as the coordinator of the program.

Yuen Shan Manna Chan, L.C.S.W is the Director of Social Work for the Charles B. Wang Community Center, a health center providing multilingual care at multiple locations in New York City and has led their social work division for more than 15 years. As a Social Work Director, Manna integrates clinical social work practice and case management into the primary care setting, ensuring a positive patient experience and continuous care improvement at the multiple sites operated by the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center. Her expertise has made her a resource in her field for family care and on the subject of “caregiver burnout”. She has developed an award-winning bilingual cancer support group as well as a guidebook for those battling cancer.  In 2006, Manna took on the Health Center’s Enabling Service project and has been a technical consultant for AAPCHO ever since. Manna’s recent participation on the panel of the  PRAPARE Risk Stratification Model and on the Social Interventions Coding Technical Experts panel organized by AAPCHO and NACHC reflects her deep commitment to identifying and addressing patients’ social determinants of health in order to improve the health care outcomes.

2020 Champions

Elaine Tso and ASIA were recognized for their efforts in COVID-19 contact tracing. Learn more »

Alysa Lavoie and the “HOPE Hotel” team have been instrumental in supporting homeless community members. Learn more »

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