AAPCHO, in partnership with the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium hosted this webinar about the National Diabetes Prevention Program and discusses ways in which community health centers (CHCs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) can take advantage of local, state, regional, and national resources to improve diabetes screening and prevention practices to special and underserved populations throughout the Continental U.S., Hawaii, and the Pacific Islands.

Miriam Bell from the Centers for Disease Control, Jen Lee from the Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations, Nena Tolenoa from Kosrae Community Health Center, Alicia Rivera and Donna Winston from the Neighborhood Health Centers of the Lehigh Valley, and Gina Trignani from Health Promotion Council discuss how to leverage the National Diabetes Prevention Program for your health center.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the National Diabetes Prevention Program administered by the CDC.
  2. Identify opportunities to incorporate diabetes prevention programming in a health center setting.
  3. Describe the availability of reimbursement and technical support for prevention programming.

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