Resources for Telehealth

Last Updated: 11/22/2023

AAPCHO developed this webpage to provide updated and tailored resources for community health centers. Training and technical assistance for implementing telehealth is available for community health centers and community-based organizations. For more information, please contact


COVID-19 has accelerated the implementation of telehealth, with CHCs leading the charge in finding innovative ways to ensure patients continue to receive the care that they need despite the pandemic. In the second episode of AAPCHO’s #COVID19CHC Stories series, Dr. Andrea Caracostis, chief executive officer of HOPE Clinic in Houston, shares insights on how the CHC implemented telehealth services amid COVID-19. Read more »

Resources for Telehealth

  • – The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) offers tips to patients on how to get healthcare through telehealth and telemedicine, and helps providers get the latest information on policies and resources for providing care through telemedicine.

  • COVID-19 Telehealth Toolkit – The National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers developed a toolkit to help community health centers get started on telehealth and how telehealth can be used to respond to COVID-19.
  • Telehealth Strategies Webinar and Resources – Health Choice Network and AllianceChicago hosted a webinar on strategies for dentistry, HIV and PREP programs, behavioral health, chronic disease management, and primary care. Key insights include health IT regulations and reimbursement rates. 
  • National Consortium of Resource Centers The National Consortium of Resource Centers provides telehealth assistance, education, and information for health centers across the United States and Pacific Islands.
  • Pacific Basin Telehealth Resource Center – The University of Hawaii Manoa developed this resource center to provide resources and trainings for providing telehealth in the Pacific.
  • Telehealth Statistics – The Friends & Family Home Care Services team shared an article which outlines a summary of telehealth and highlights key telehealth statistics by services.

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